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David C. Johnson. School of Education, King's College London, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8WA, UK

CAMP Books

Computer-Assisted Mathematics Program (CAMP) John Wiley. Here is a 2008 used book ad from http://www.antiqbook.com/boox/rei/01850.shtml.

KATZMAN, PAMELA W. WITH DAVID C. JOHNSON, PROGRAM DIRECTOR AND CO-AUTHOR Computer Assisted Mathematics Program (Camp) - GEOMETRY. Scott Foresman, 1970. 1970. Soft cover . Large softcover, 7 x 9 3/4 inches, viii + 206 pages, VG+ to Near Fine. Corners square, hardly any wear at all, clean inside and out. One in a series of 6 C.A.M.P. titles. Very Good.

Information provided by Bob Albrecht:

Internet sites with information about CAMP (Computer-Oriented Mathematics Program).
Lafrenz - Dale - Interview (http://special.lib.umn.edu/cbi/oh/pdf.phtml?id=177) 40 pages: CAMP, TIES, MECC, et cetera, et cetera. You can find me (Bob Albrecht) on page 6. Also Doc Smith.
CAMP + 30 - Hatfield (http://jwilson.coe.uga.edu/EMAT8990/FIRST/Papers2006/CAMP+30.pdf)
Hatfield Home Page (http://math.coe.uga.edu/GradCoord/HatfieldHomePg.html)
Donovan Johnson (http://cehd.umn.edu/Pubs/Connect/2007spring/Johnsons.html)
Donovan was head/director/whatever of U of MN lab HS. The CAMP authors worked under him.

Math Education

Here is the list of members of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Computer-Oriented Mathematics Committee that wrote the 49 page booklet:

Introduction to an Algorithmic Language (BASIC). Copyright 1968. Publisher: NCTM.
Robert L. Albrecht
Sylvia Charp
David C. Johnson
Bruce E. Merserve
John O. Parker
Dina Gladys S. Thompson
William F. Atchison (Chairman)

Up Close and Personal

I (David Moursund) had the opportunity to interact extensively with David Johnson in the years before he moved to England. His CAMP series of books was very very good and, in my opinion, set the early standards for computers in precollege math education.



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