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Comment by David Moursund 1/28/08

Brain science has a long history. Research in this area has been making significatn contributions to education for more than a hundred years.

However, we now have non-invasive methods to track some of a brain's activities. These scanning devices depend on powerful computers. The results of these new tools are helping the field of brain science (cognitive neuroscience) to grow quite rapidly.

In recent years I have strongly encouraged my doctoral students to take some coursework from the Psychology Department, focusing in areas such as brain science

Comment by Dave Moursund 7/12/08

I first became seriously interested in brain science when I read Howard Gardner's 1983 book on Multiple Intelligences. Since then I have read a lot of books and articles in this field, attended some talks and workshops, and done quite a bit of writing on the topic. When I was still working with doctoral students in the College of Education at the University of Oregon, I strongly recommended that they take some coursework from the Psychology Department in the area of Brain Science. The University of Oregon has an excellent facility and collection of faculty in Cognitive Neuroscience.